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Our Product & Service: woven poly bag.laminated film on the bag and print custom logo. With our 30 years experience on PP woven bag manufacture, that is the best prove of our qualification. 

Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Smallest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.

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How It All Started

As a professional pp woven material manufacturer and factory in China, TIMYEH has been in the pp(polypropylene) woven bag/material industry for over 30 years.

We manufacture and supply all types of pp woven bag.And we also manufacture the pp woven fabric. more.You can request for test of sgs and other test reports is also available.  We will give you the best solution based on your projects.

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You can request for test of sgs and other test reports is also available.  We will give you the best solution based on your projects.

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!


We purchase raw materials directly from raw material suppliers without more links, which can give customers more profit space.


After years of precipitation, in the woven bag production has its own set of methods, we have professional technical personnel.


Timyeh focuses on the production of PP woven bag fabric, ensuring excellent quality and continuous upgrading of equipment.


We has established a stable customer base, and our team provides advice according to the needs of customers.

Manufacturing Process

We help you make the best of your business

TimYeh not only produce PP woven bag fabric,  also provide PP woven bag finished product production. The one-stop service can let our customers benefit, in the premise of ensuring the quality of the best price.


extrusion strip

Mixed raw materials through the cylinder and screw melt plasticizing, continuous and stable extrusion strip

Drawing complete

The strips are cooled at high temperature again to form filaments. The filaments were stretched in a high temperature oven until they formed flat filaments.

raw material select

The polypropylene powder and various additives are mixed with activated calcium carbonate in a certain proportion

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

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Supplier of Rice Manufacturer

PP woven bags are widely used in many fields, such as food packaging, chemical raw material packaging, construction sites. This project is a large rice manufacturer in Jiangxi Province. The first requirement of customers for bags is that the factory must have the qualification and hardware equipment for the production of food woven bags. After several rounds of screening, we became their supplier.

Img 3199

In Construction Field

This project is in cooperation with a well-known real estate developer in China. The main purpose of the bags purchased by them is to hold waste materials on the construction site. In view of their situation, we made a customized plan for them. On the premise of ensuring the optimal performance of bag tear resistance, improve the cost performance.


Daniel Grant

We’ve been working with Timyeh for almost a decade. The shipment is steady. That’s what we value most. Besides that, their quality is pretty good.

Testimonials 03 Free Img.jpg

I used to purchase in other places and encountered many problems. The price of the bags was very cheap but the quality was really poor. I’ve received a lot of complaints from customers. I’ve just placed an order in Timyeh and I’m not sure what kind of manufacturer they are. A good supplier can really help a lot in a business. I think Timyeh is one of those suppliers.

Testimonials 07 Free Img.jpg

Timyeh is well known in the region. They have a lot of local manufacturers, big and small. We worked with them for many years. Their salespeople are still very prompt in solving problems. You can find people with almost any problem. Helped me solve a lot of problems.

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Martha Dixon

I buy a lot of fabric from Timyeh and have been buying at his house. The materials are very good and my customers say the bags are of good quality.

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