Feed Bag

Feed bags are the bags used for storing and transporting feed items. These particular bags need some specific requirements. First of all, it should compact enough to prevent leakage during storage or in transportation. Besides, it should air permeable to permit odors to pass through the bag so that it can keep the feed fresh. Then, feeds and their form are various type some are granular some are power.

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50g, 60g, 80g


90, 90×90


Blue, Green, White, Customized Color

Coating film

Bopp, PE


When the materials are in powder form, a bag laminated with a polyethylene layer might be suitable. Plastic bags, jute bags, and PP woven bags are usually used in the feed industry. The properties of PP woven bags match the requirements of the feed industry. That is why PP woven bags are the most popular one among all other packaging variants. Important information about the feed, its manufacturer date, and company details can also print on the PP woven bags.

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