Cement bag

Cement is a mix of heavy-weight solid materials in fine powder form. For storing and transportation, this mix requires a package that has a very high load-bearing capacity and also impermeable to air and water.

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35cm*60cm, 40cm*60cm, 45cm*75cm


50g, 60g, 70g, 80g


A plastic bag is not enough for cement packaging as cement is very heavy in weight, and the load-bearing ability of plastic or other polyethylene bags is not so well. However, it is moisture-resistant and airproof. On the other hand, a PP woven bag is reliable for its load-bearing capacity but, it is not suitable for dealing with power. A modified pp woven bag is used in the cement industry to overcome this limitation. The revised version of the pp woven bag has several layers of polyethylene and kraft papers. Combining the properties of these layers makes the PP bag compatible with the cement industry. This bag is durable, water and airproof, moisture resistive, and possesses high mechanical strength.

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