Fertilizer bag

Fertilizer can be granular or powder. Hence it needs specific properties to storing and transporting these materials. Regardless of the size and shape, the fertilizer bag should be inert and reliable enough to keep the fertilizer in its original condition.

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60g, 70g, 80g


Black, Blue, Green, White, Customized Color

Coating film

Bopp, PE


Polypropylene woven fabric bag does an excellent job. The bags made from PP woven fabric are compact, rigid, and inert for most chemicals. That is why they can perform well for storing and transporting fertilizer. For granular items, a pp woven bag is enough itself. But for powder item, the inner side of the bag need to laminate with a polythene layer as the PP bag made from yarns. For fertilizer bag, it also requires to provide necessary information with it and here the printing facility of PP woven bag comes in handy. The specification, expiration date, company name, and branding can easily print on the bag.

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