Flour bag

The food processing industry needs a non-toxic bag and food grade.

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Black, Blue, Green, White, Customized Color


50g, 60g, 70g, 80g


35cm*60cm, 40cm*60cm, 45cm*75cm


Plastic bags, jute bags, and pp woven bags are the most reliable choice as flour bags. The disadvantage of plastic bags is that the load-bearing capacity is not up to the mark for carrying bulk material. However, a plastic bag could be a better choice for packaging one to five kilograms of flour. Jute bags need extra protection to keep the flour separate and preventing leakage. A jute bag with an inner plastic layer can use as a flour bag but, there is still a chance of materials leakage as the porous jute fabric are relatively large. On the other hand, PP woven bag with an inner or outer laminated layer is perfect for transporting and storing flour in the long run. A laminated PP woven bag is secure, light-weight, affordable, and long-lasting.

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