PP Woven Fabric

PP woven fabric is the fabric that is produced from Polypropylene yarn. Two sets of polypropylene yarns are woven together in this fabric. This fabric is compact, lightweight, and possesses excellent stress resistance. These properties of this fabric make it ideal for packaging industries and a lot of other commercial commodities.

Additional information

Coating film

Bopp, PE, PET


Black, Blue, Green, White, Customized Color


30cm*45cm, 35cm*60cm, 40cm*60cm, 45cm*75cm, 50cm*80cm, 50cm*90cm, 55cm*95cm, 60cm*90cm, CUSTOMIZED SIZE


145g, 150g, 160g, 170g, 50g, 60g, 70g, 80g


PP woven fabric is also available with different distinct qualities like waterproof finish, laminated pp woven fabric, breathable fabric, air-proof fabric, and so forth. The use of this fabric is also divertible. PP woven fabric mostly use for making packaging bags and as well as in various industries. Fertilizers, textile, chemical, food processing, cement, polymer, agriculture are the major industries that use PP woven fabric for store and transportation. The bags made from this fabric are reliable for their excellent load-bearing capacity and also cost-effective than other packaging materials. It is eco-friendly and can reuse several times.

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