Rice Bag

Although plastic bags, jute bags, nonwoven bags are used for carrying and storing rice. Bags made of PP woven fabric are the most widely used bags for the rice industry. The PP bags fulfill all the requirements a rice conveying package should. As the PP woven bag is made of yarn, it possesses a high load-bearing capacity other than any other rice packaging.


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PP woven bags are also compatible with rice bags for their water-proof finish, non-hazardous material use, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Rice bags are available in various sizes. A rice bag can be as small as 1-kilogram rice packaging or as large as 50 kilograms of rice packaging. The most popular sizes are 1-kilogram, 5-kilogram, 20-kilogram, and 50-kilogram. Different types of shapes and styles are available in rice bags. Rectangular, tubular, four panels are the most used shape. It is common to use print or seal for leveling or advertisement purposes on the bag.

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