Sand bags

The whole purpose of using sandbags is to help the earth, helping Mankind. The sandbag is used for geographical purposes, building construction, road, and pavement construction. The other use of sandbags including military fortification, making bunkers, creating counterweight shield, ballistic and bulletproof barrier, etc.

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Black, Blue, Green, White, Customized Color


30cm*45cm, 35cm*60cm, 40cm*60cm, 45cm*75cm, 50cm*80cm, 50cm*90cm, 55cm*95cm, 60cm*90cm, CUSTOMIZED SIZE


50g, 60g, 70g, 80g


The use of sandbags for geographical purposes including, controlling soil erosion, creating river dams, water channel, etc. The main advantage of using sandbags is that they can be carried to the site effortlessly when empty. They can fill with local soil and sand to use there. It is very effective when arranged and builds correctly. Sandbags are mostly made of sacks from hessian, polypropylene, or other sturdy materials. The sandbags made from PP woven fabric are not biodegradable and hence, make it perfect for making durable construction like roadside construction, flood fighting, soil erosion, etc. Ton sandbags can use for preventing construction or building from sea waves.

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