Shopping bags

People are using shopping bags daily all-around the world. There are numerous categories, types, and sizes in shopping bags. Some shopping bags are disposable, and some are durable. Paper bags, polyethylene bags, non-woven shopping bags are disposable and cannot reuse further. On the other hand, Cotton and canvas bags, jute bags, hemp bags, and pp woven bags are for long-term use.

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Black, Blue, Green, White, Customized Color


45cm, 60cm


50g, 60g, 70g

Coating film

Bopp, PA


Reusable shopping bags are environmentally friendly. It facilitates the consumer to reuse the bags, and they are quite fashionable too. These bags are affordable as well. PP woven bags are lightweight and economical than other reusable shopping bags. Cotton and canvas bags are made of natural fiber, and hence, they are not so strong and durable. The price of these bags is also very high. Jute bags are thick and are not attractive. Hemp bags are not available. But PP woven bags meet all the requirements of the consumer and industries.

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