Ton bag

Ton bags are also known as Bulk Bags, FIBC bags, Big Jumbo bags, etc. This bag is produced from a unique type of fabric made of flat Polypropylene yarns. Ton bags are famous for their excellent load-bearing capacity. As the name, this bag can store or transport tons of materials.

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Fabric Weight


Coating film



120×120, 90×90




Ton bag is available in several sizes and variations. The size of the bag depends on the industries where it is processed. The size range of this bag is 90X90X90 to 120X120X120 in cm. Among them, the most popular size is 90cm. The shapes of this bag are also several types. Circular, U-shaped, four-panel bags and baffle bags are the most popular shape available in-retailer. The ton bag can be configured for better usability with a particular lifting option, filling o

ption, and discharging option. Ton bag is used widely in agriculture, construction, food processing, mining, pharmaceutical, and other different segments.

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