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Is the PP Woven Bag Environmentally Friendly?

PP woven bag is environmentally friendly than any other packaging solution used nowadays. Its production processes and re-usability facilitate less pollution to the environment. PP woven bag is environmentally friendly in a specific way. The raw material used for making pp

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6 Things You Must Know About Jumbo Bag

Do you need jumbo bags for transporting or storing your products? If so, the following six points you should consider first. Jumbo bags are also known as Ton bag, FIBC bag, Big Jumbo, Bulk bag, and so forth. The qualities

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What is the Process of Manufacturing PP(Polypropylene) Woven Bag?

Polypropylene(pp) Woven Bags are widely used in different sectors. Aside from its use in agricultural products packaging, PP woven bags are used in cement bag packaging, food packaging, tourism, and various households. PP woven bags contain strips or threads that

What Are the Benefits of Using Polypropylene Bags
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What Are the Benefits of Using Polypropylene Bags?

There are versatile benefits of using polypropylene bags. It fulfill the user requirements as well as provide extra facilities. The polypropylene (PP) bags are cost-effective, durable, lightweight, convenient to carry, easy to use, and more. Depending on the differences in user

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What is the Load-bearing Range of PP Woven Bags?

One thing you want to know is the weight category of your woven bag. When you know this, you know how better to handle your woven bag. This goes a long way in determining the bag size you’ll get or

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How is The thickness of pp woven bag affect the product itself?

Does the PP Bag Last-long? Polypropylene plastic bags have become an integral part of our everyday lives. The PP bag is used majorly in the packaging industry and other sectors. The bag’s longevity depends on several factors, and one of

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